3 Secrets to Healthier Skin


3 Secrets to Healthier Skin

Acne affects most people at some point in their life. Depending on your genetics, diet, stress levels, etc. you might have the occasional pimple or you might be prone to frequent outbreaks. While not life-threatening, acne sufferers do suffer mental anguish and embarrassment.

It’s worse if you’re an adult because acne is often thought to be an adolescent issue. In reality, acne can affect people at any age and of any gender. In most cases, acne can be prevented with the correct measures. However, most people do not take the effort to find out what they should do to prevent future outbreaks.

They just reach for the acne cream and medication and hope for the best. This article will show you 3 secrets for healthier. The truth of the matter is that these are not really secrets but common sense. Yet, they are so rarely practiced, that they might as well be secrets.

Clean your skin gently

That is the first tip. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When you have acne, what you really have is a disorder that may affect the neck, face, shoulders, back, upper arms, etc.

Since acne is the result of blocked pores and the result of infected glands, the best way to prevent this problem is with good skin care. If you’re prone to acne breakouts, you absolutely must use a skin cleanser daily. It has to be mild enough so that it does not dry out your skin or aggravate it,

Washing your face or skin that tends to get acne twice a day will work wonders. The bacteria that cause the glands to get infected will be washed off. Always dab your skin gently. Many people grab the towel and vigorously rub their face like they are sandpapering a wooden deck chair.

Be gentle. Do not scrub your face or the acne prone areas. It will just exacerbate the situation. You should only use astringents if you have very oily skin. These acid based products will do more harm than good if you use them for skin that doesn’t require their use.

Stop touching yourself

Did that just grab your attention? Don’t get too excited. We’re talking about you squeezing, pinching, poking, prodding and just fiddling around with your acne. It is never a good idea to touch your skin with your hands or pick at pimples.

You do not know what bacteria are on your hands and how they will affect your glands. It’s always a good idea to wean yourself off the habit of touching your face with your hands.

In 2 words – Hands off.

3 Secrets to Healthier Skin

Choose your skin care and cosmetics products wisely

Most people have no idea what ingredients goes into the production of skin care products or cosmetics. Even if they did read the labels, all the chemical names would be Greek to them.

The rule of thumb if you have acne often is to use products that are not oil based. In this way, your pores will have less chance of getting clogged or infected. You want to be looking for products that are labeled as non-comedogenic.

Using the wrong products on your skin can not only have adverse acne effects but over the long run, you may have scarring or other skin problems. Exercise due diligence when purchasing such products.

Just by following the 3 tips mentioned above will do wonders for your acne. Give them a try and see if your acne situation gets better. In most cases, it will.

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