4 Considerations For Women Before Starting A Detox Diet


We live in a world filled with toxins, even though health care has never been better. These toxins can be responsible for many healthy maladies ranging from a sluggish metabolism to increasing cancer risk, making it more important than ever to minimize your exposure, and even to flush them out of your body when they are already there.

One of the most popular ways to remove toxins nowadays is the famous detox diet, which makes use of a high concentration of vegetables and fruits to promote elimination from the body.

If you’re a woman and reading this, chances are high that you are considering trying the diet as well- you’re in luck, since we will make you aware of a few considerations you need to make before embarking on this diet.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Though detox diets are likely to be of benefit to most women, you must use common sense in certain instances to ensure you do not risk irreparable damage to health.

So which medical conditions could prevent you from following a detox diet?

Low Blood Sugar – though a detox diet does include fruits, those chosen are not the highest in sugars and could result in a low blood sugar crisis. Unless given specific clearance from your physician, do not attempt to restrict food intake for detox purposes.

Cancer – though detox diets are extremely helpful in flushing toxins, eliminating free radicals and reducing the likelihood of developing cancer, if you are already diagnosed the scenario is quite different. Many fruits and vegetables with high anti-oxidant levels interfere with medications used to treat cancer, and may worsen the condition. Do not attempt to embark on a detox diet if diagnosed with cancer.


The detox diet is considered calorie restricted, and as such is not ideal during pregnancy. At this time, a woman needs top quality nutrition to ensure proper development of the growing child, and restricting protein, fat and many mineral sources will do no favors for the outcome of the pregnancy. Wait until at least a few months after delivery, but if breast-feeding even longer is required.

Your Activity Level

Exercise is extremely beneficial, and in general, consistency and intensity are important to achieve your health goals. However, if you embark on a detox diet you will not be able to perform at 100%. Why? For one, blood sugar levels are significantly lower than normal, meaning your energy levels are lower and you will fatigue easily. This could also be dangerous, as unsafe blood sugar levels can cause fainting or even hospitalization. If you are a casual athlete, this should not be a problem, but can be when you work out with higher intensity.

Clearly Define Your Expectations

What are you expecting going into a detox diet? If it is weight loss solely, a detox diet is not your best choice. Yes, weight loss comes about as a result of the caloric restriction, but it is not enough for sizeable changes. If on the other hand you desire to gain greater intestinal regularity, and improve overall health, you may be a better fit to the detox diet.


The detox diet can be extremely effective for improving health, but you must clearly define your goals prior to embarking. It will not be easy, but you are likely to feel improved health after a few weeks of the diet.

One note that needs to be made though is the fact that the detox diet should not be followed forever. It should be used for a short period of time, along with removing foods from your diet that are not beneficial, such as dairy. Make every day a better one for detoxing by eating wisely and not causing you deficiency.

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