6 Ways Aging Women Can Ensure Sound Mental Health


As a woman, you are faced with unique challenges- even more so as you age. Why? Well, compared to men, women undergo drastic changes following menopause, causing them to feel less like what makes then feminine and more closely worried about what the future holds.

As such, aging can take a toll on the mental well-being of any woman, but especially those that have lingering doubts and insecurities in their minds.

Luckily, this does not have to be the eventual outcome following aging, and is completely avoidable in the vast majority of women. Itching to find out how you can stay as sharp as a tack through your life, and keep your mental faculties intact? Read on!

Get A Pet

Pets are one of the most therapeutic investments you can make in yourself, as they can help treat depression, social anxiety and reduce agitation. Instead of spending lots of money on professional help, why not explore if a pet may be a good fit first? Sometimes all we need is love.

Exercise Frequently

Exercise is important regardless of your age, but this becomes much more apparent the older you get. Starting with achy muscles, stiffness and general sense of weakness, exercise can help remedy these maladies and keep you mobile. Loss of mobility is a major point of contention for aging women, as the reduction of independence takes a toll on mental health.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercise (which by itself translates to improved mental well-being), chemical substances known as endorphins are produced and released, which promote happiness and a sense of euphoria.

Runner’s experience something known as the “runner’s high” which is characterized by a flood of endorphins that lead to extreme sense of accomplishment and joy. Not bad for exercise eh?

Keep Learning

Not because you are past the hectic years of your twenties and thirties does it mean that you have to slow down your capacity for learning. In fact, an aging woman is well poised to take advantage of furthering her education as many primary responsibilities may be reduced (such as raising kids, being a dedicated home-maker), leaving much more time to pursue professional skill enhancement or any other type of training.

Your experience coupled with newfound learnings could make you a real force to be reckoned with.


As a mature woman, you may be able to make a difference in the lives of many younger girls and women, owing to your years of knowledge from having been through it all. For example, you could volunteer to become a counselor and offer support and advice to young women who may be going through a tough time and not know how to deal.

Alternatively, you could even offer advice in what it takes to juggle the multiple responsibilities of being a woman and not become burned out, something that quickly leads to a deteriorated mental state.

Keep Family And Friends Close

One of the major contributing factors to deteriorating mental health in women is separation from family and friends. Inadvertently, you may feel alienated and alone, even though it may not be too late to reach out and engage in meaningful relationships once more. Having a support system is important for your mental wellbeing, and isn’t something that should be discarded for silly reasons.

Have A Jolly Good Time

Just keep laughing- is the best analogy to aging well with your mental faculties in check. Laughter by itself promotes mood and translates to other health benefits such as reduction of blood pressure and lower pressure on the heart.

The best part? Laughter is free. Spend time doing the things you love, with the people you love and your will age as gracefully as a swan gently skimming the water’s surface.

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