Am I Suffering from Depression?



Everyone has times in life when sad feelings emerge. But that doesn’t mean you suffer from depression. If you’re wondering whether or not your feelings have gone from the feeling the blues to a problem with depression understanding the facts can offer relief.

Symptoms of depression can be different for different people. In general, you need to have persistent symptoms to be diagnosed with depression. When you feel sad for a week or two after a breakup or another difficult event is a normal reaction, not chronic depression.

The problem comes when you feel bad for a longer period of time and your feelings begin to impact your daily life in negative ways. You may feel that your performance at work or school is going downhill or that you’re withdrawing from social activities and hobbies.

Some symptoms of depression include feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and worthlessness. Losing interest in things that you once found pleasurable could also indicate depression. Changes in your sleeping pattern such as insomnia or sleeping excessively are also indicator of depression.

In severe cases, you may have thoughts of death, suicide, or even have made a suicide plan or attempt.   It’s especially important if you have suicidal thoughts that you get help immediately.

If you’re experiencing depression symptoms, make an appointment with a doctor. Your doctor can discuss your symptoms with you and make an initial diagnosis. Your general physician may refer you to someone who specializes in mental health.

It’s not uncommon for people who have depression to resist treatment. You may feel that there’s no hope for you or that your depression isn’t serious enough to warrant medical help. But depression can make it very difficult to carry out your daily activities.

If you feel that your depression might be causing you to call in sick at work or perform poorly at work, it’s time to get help. If you find that you have more sad days than happy days, it’s also a good idea to make an appointment right away.

Friends and family may have even made comments to you about changes in your mood or behavior. It’s important to take those observations seriously. These people care about your welfare and have your best interests at heart.

The good news is that depression is treatable.

Through medications, therapy, and natural remedies you can experience relief from your symptoms. You can get back to your normal life and be able to enjoy activities again.



  1. Depression is indeed becoming a major disease nowdays and the absense of seeking medical help along with presence of non understanding people is only increasing it. Thank you for spreading information on such an important topic, really grateful as I myself suffered from depression last year.

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