Are you uncomfortable around others?


Are you uncomfortable around others?

It’s hard to believe that millions of Americans suffer from social anxiety. This disorder makes a person very anxious around others. They have this fear of being scrutinized, criticized and humiliated in front of others.

Most people who are suffering from social anxiety disorder normally have negative opinion about themselves and others. They are afraid of speaking in public, using public toilets, working in front of other people and talking on the phone.

People with social anxiety have a poor self image. Once they are able to strengthen that, they can better socialize with others.

social anxiety

Social anxiety is not something that people have to endure. If you are suffering from this disorder, here are two ways on how you can overcome it:

  • Ask a family or trusted friend to be with you in a social situation. It doesn’t have to be a party. Maybe you can ask them to eat with you in a restaurant or go shopping with you. Take baby steps and remember that the more you avoid something, the more you get scared of it.
  • Stop gauging what others think of you. Although we can influence other people’s impression of us, we can’t control how they think about us so what’s the point in making their opinion count? None of their opinions matter. Be confident in who you are. If it helps, join a support group so you can talk to people who have managed to overcome their social fears.

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