How Happiness Improves Women’s Health


Is happiness the key to a fulfilling life? Chances are high that it is, after comparing people with a positive outlook on life against those who stress every little thing. If you’re a woman, the influence being happy can have on your health is immense, especially if you’re an older woman. Happiness could likely be the best medicine (laughter aside), as you’re about to find out!

Happy People Are Less Likely To Become Sick

Germs are germs, and can affect anyone, but of particular interest is why happier people are subject less to the effects of annual cold and flu season. The reason may be due to the difference in levels of circulating hormones and neurotransmitters, not to mention immune factors.

For one, the “happy” hormones directly combat the effect of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to cause breakdown of the immune system and leave you open to attack from foreign bodies. In addition, these hormones and neurotransmitters that boost immune function are found in higher levels in people who are happier, proving that a smile can fend off the flu!

Happiness Offers Great Insurance For The Heart

As women age, their risk of heart disease and suffering a heart attack increase exponentially. One simple way to reduce this risk? Take an active approach to be happier. As simple as it sounds, being happy is able to reducing heart rate, a good indicator of when the heart is not abnormally stressed or pressured.

As a result, blood pressure is improved or optimized, and over time had significantly better heart health than women who were subject to high stress environments with little recreation, and who frequently encountered anger outbursts.

Being Happy Can Prevent Or Delay Neurodegenerative Disease

As women age they are sometime subject to the effects of degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. while there is no cure for this disease, research has found that women who maintain a more positive outlook on life, as well as keeping more mentally active are less likely to develop it in the first place, or not suffer from acute symptoms.

This could speculate that degenerative brain diseases have something to do with disuse of the brain, or from biochemical changes which create a setting of enhanced stress and negatively.

Happiness Translates To Better Sleep

Nobody sleeps better than the person who goes to bed without a worry in the world. Think of kids, whose happy-go lucky lives have them always full of energy, and ecstatic with all that is around them. Good sleep then translates to improved health as well, as restorative growth hormone levels increase, as well as deep sleep cycles, so you wake up the following day ready to take on the world.

Women Who Are Happier Live Longer

This is the perfect topping on the cake, living out your life as long as possible in good health. What could be a greater source of happiness in your life than seeing the growth and maturity of your kids, growing old with your loved one and being able to say you did what you had to do for your family.


Being happy is a primal trait in each of us, even though situations may force us to sometimes lose track of what life was intended to feel like.

Being happy will not only improve your health by leaps and bounds, but will also enhance your mindfulness, and draw those you love closer to you. It is free, and you can make a small change right now to align yourself down the path of bliss.

Don’t avoid that best medicine in the world!

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