More of this Vitamin Helps to Beat the Blues


More of this Vitamin Helps to Beat the Blues

It hits most of us every winter – the winter blues. If you live in an area where there are more cloudy days than sunny, you may experience more so than people living in Arizona or sunny California.

Studies have shown a link between vitamin D deficiency and mood. Vitamin D is a vitamin our body doesn’t store. Each day we need a source of vitamin D or we become deficient. The good news is that getting enough vitamin D each day is easy.

Vitamin D Connection

During the winter months the sun’s rays are weaker and often covered by clouds. This caused scientists to believe that it was the absence of light that caused depression. In a way they were right. The sun’s rays trigger our body to produce vitamin D.


Do you love potatoes? Great! Vitamin D is in potatoes, mushrooms, milk, shellfish, and other fish. If you have lactose intolerance or food allergies to any of those items, then you should ask your doctor if you can take Vitamin D supplements instead.

There’s another alternative too. Get more sunshine. By exposing bare skin to sunlight the ultraviolet B rays your body transforms this into Vitamin D. This can happen very quickly and you don’t need to wait for sunburn or even for a tan. In about half the time it takes to turn your skin pink, say 20 minutes, your body produces sufficient vitamin D.

Think about it. Don’t you feel more energized after spending time catching a few rays? No, I’m not promoting sunburn, but a few minutes of sunlight a day does wonders for your moods.

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  1. I’m lucky that as a teacher, I frequently get to go outside in the sunshine with my students. Such is not the case with many people who have office jobs, or who work mostly indoors. 🙂

  2. Very true. I beseech my elder companions here in the senior center to utilize the sun as much as possible. Being on disability, I have the benefit of having my blood checked twice a year, through the VA.
    In San Diego the past 7 years, I had no problem getting enough sun. However here in UT, in less than 18 months I became deficient. And am now with a prescription of Chole Cal Ciferol (D 3) 1,000 unit tabs.
    Next check up in July, and I’m sure I will be just fine.

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