The Emotional Manifestations Of Stress In Women


They say stress is an invisible disease- but is it really? For sure, it is in the beginning. But what happens after years of chronically high stress levels? You can bet that manifestations begin to appear, both physically and emotionally.

The emotional ones may be better hidden, but they do take their toll on women. Unsure if you or someone close to you may be at a breaking point due to the influence of stress? Look out for these emotional manifestations so you can take them into hand as soon as possible.

Frequent Anger Outbursts Around Kids Or Spouse

It’s normal to blow up from time to time, after all it’s in the contract as a wife and mom…ha! But what is not normal is the frequency of these outbursts, especially if they happen multiple times daily. This may be the first sign that stress is taking hold of your sanity, and is sometimes referred to as “stress overload.”

Stress overload can only pave the way for worse emotional outbursts, including but not limited to suicidal tendencies. At the first notice of this manifestation, try to employ relaxation techniques, or whatever it takes.

Make it a spa day, away from kids or spouse or whatever else triggers you. Sometimes a well-planned break in the middle of it all is enough to reset your threshold.

Obsessive Or Compulsive Tendencies

Another common emotional manifestation of stress is the development of strange compulsions. These compulsions are normally attributed to the associated anxiety that comes with stress. For example, the fear of holding a germ-ridden doorknob can quickly escalate to cause compulsion with frequent hand washing, even when not necessary.

Another type of obsessive tendency is the need to have things in a particular perfect order all the time. These emotional and psychological changes are thought to be related to the fact that when under high stress conditions, it is soothing to exert control over something-anything in fact. These habits subsequently develop.

Chronic States Of Depression

Depression usual results from feelings of inadequacy, either with one’s appearance or inability to live up to perceived expectations. For example, stress in the office and failure to meet deadlines can cause you to feel “behind the pack,” and unable or undeserving of praise and approval we so desperately seek.

These feelings of depression and further compounded when you consider the fact that increased frequency of anger outbursts can worsen relationships, and drive the ones closest to you away. This is why it is important to have an external eye judging the situation and to realize something is not right.

Inability To Make Executive Decisions

Our brains have the innate ability to assign and prioritize activities and thoughts in order of importance, allowing for a smooth workflow. However, stress can affect emotional wellbeing and neuro-transmitter density, leading to disturbances in the efficiency of this specialized brain area. The result is the inability to get important things done, and a great drop in productivity seen in the office and at home.

No Motivation

Without motivation in your life, your drive to achieve and get things done is almost non-existent. While motivation is of utmost importance, setting your bar too high can worsen the stress load you experience and kill your drive.

Set small measurable goals, which once achieved spur you to do more. You feel better grounded and emotionally fit to continue down the path you have set.


People often say that women are more emotionally inclined that men, and to a large extent, they are right. It is probably due to the heavier levels of subjective stress women experience, however, and the constant yearning for self-improvement and approval.

Get someone in your corner, or be someone else’s pillar, and cherish relationships above all else.

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